About Us

We are a company that specializes in producing high quality water sports clothing and equipment. With us you will enjoy fast shipping and unmatched customer service!

The qualities of our product

Peler surfing suits stand out from the competition with their unique combination of premium quality and exceptional performance. Designed with innovative materials and cutting-edge features, our swimsuits offer a level of comfort, durability and functionality that makes them the ideal choice for water sports enthusiasts.

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Flex Technology

Peler surfing swimsuits with flexible technology are designed to perfectly adapt to the movements of your body during water activities. Thanks to innovative materials and ergonomic design, they offer unparalleled freedom of movement so you can push yourself to the limits of your performance without restrictions.

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Fast drying

Thanks to advanced materials, these swimsuits efficiently absorb and quickly release moisture, allowing for quick drying after each dive. You can enjoy your water adventures without having to feel wet for long.

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No indoor network

Designed to eliminate any discomfort or irritation, these swimsuits offer a smooth, seamless fit. The lack of internal mesh ensures a soft feel against the skin, allowing you to fully concentrate on your performance in the water.

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The keychain

The integrated key chain provides a convenient and secure attachment system for your keys while you hit the waves. You won't have to worry about losing them while you're having fun thanks to this convenient and functional feature.

Customer Reviews

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Materiale di alta qualità e design molto bello!
Il bikini é proprio comodo per praticare sport acquatico!


super Schwimmhosen

Coole Designs

Coole Linie und qualitativ hochwertige Produkte, einzigartig in ihrem Stil. Badehose trocknet sehr schnell und zusammen mit der Unterhose sind sie ein echten Hingucker! Bikinis sehr resistenz und färben beim Waschen nicht ab! Weiter so!!

Sibu Aminian
Sehr zufrieden, aber Lieferung könnte schneller gehen

Ich habe eine Shorts und eine Cap bestellt. Es hat doch ein paar Tage gedauert, bis beides bei mir angekommen ist. Die Badehose ist von der Qualität her super! Trocknet wirklich sehr schnell und schaut Mega aus.

Preis/Leistung TOP

Preis /Leistungsverhältnis ist super! Kundenberatung von Ort professionell und optisch mega!!

"Experience the adventure, wear Pelèr."